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DNS Update Blocking

The below instructions show you how to prevent system updates for the Wii U


Q. Can I still play online with this enabled

A. Yes (Although there are a few games that require it to be disabled)

Prevent system updates

The Netherlands

Los Angeles


1) From the Wii U Sytem Menu enter System Settings.

2) Select 'Internet' for internet settings.

3) Select 'Connect to the Internet'

4) Connect to the internet. If you have already configured an internet connection, Press 'X' to display connections.

5) Select your default connection

6) Select 'Change Settings'

7) Find the DNS section and select it.

8) Select 'Don't Auto-obtain'.

9) Set both of the following to the 'Primary DNS' and 'Secondary DNS',

Primary being the closest to your location and the other as Secondary

  • - The Netherlands

  • - Los Angeles

10) Hit 'Confirm'

11) Press 'B' to save

12) Exit system settings and return to System Menu, the settings you entered can take a few moments to filter through the network.

(Suggest powering down your Wii U and Powering up again)

Once powered up and logged in to your user account you should now get a RED X above the downloads icon. This means that you have successfully applied DNS blocking and indicates the Wii U cannot contact the Update Server.

NOTE: If you now enter Downloads you should see a System Update showing an error. THIS IS CORRECT, it means you have successfully applied DNS blockingIt DOES NOT mean there is a new system update available.Latest Wii U firmware is 5.5.4